Our products

Office furniture

We deliver a collection of distinctive designs from classic to modern styles, Based on the client’s desires, office desks, drawers, storage files units and upholstered office in addition to sofas and visitor side tables.  



We offer a variety of options, designs and distinct models, covering all customer requirements, From wooden and melamine stations with distinctive stylish legs. Our aim is to provide comfort and privacy to the users. In addition, we design drawers, modern storage systems, and other office accessories. 

Conference Tables

We manufacture meeting tables according o the clients request of all types, finishes and various shapes, round, oval, rectangular and other shapes. Taking into account the necessary electrical installations and any additional accessories.


Wall Cladding

We have a team of highly qualified designers to design and implement wall claddings of all kinds and according to site sizes. we also implement cladding for ceilings, taking into account the placements of lighting and electricity and the connection with the gypsum decorations. 

Reception Counter

We manufacture counters according to the required designs, whether wooden, artificial or natural marble in all its forms with the necessary storage units, I addition to the aesthetic lighting which is designed to fit perfectly.


Wooden Doors

We implement all types of wood doors, regular, sliding and fire-resistant doors, with international certification (InterTek), whether European or American system. Our doors are of high quality, designed precisely to Mach the location dimensions.

Sofa's And Chairs

The factory contains an integrated upholstery department for the design and manufacture of sofa structures and upholstery. We let the client choose from our fabrics, natural and artificial leather according to the Clint choose from our fabrics, natural and artificial leather according to the desire. The factory provide high quality products, comparable to European and American standards.



We Manufacture all types of kitchens with different finishes of natural or industrial marble surfaces, while providing all accessories with the latest designs and techniques.

Home Furniture

We manufacture all bedrooms and their accessories regular and upholstered beds, wardrobes, cabinets, hairdresser and wall cabinets with distinctive designs and different finishes according to the client’s desire. This includes furniture projects, residential complexes, hotels, villas and palaces, in addition to housing companies and ministries with high-quality production and professional capacity.